The Good Stuff

The annual Clam Dig brings with it both the ‘good’ feelings and the ‘bad’.  It reminds me of my need for alone time, for the quiet moments throughout the day that I’ve worked so hard to carve out for myself, it reminds me why I quit drinking almost nine years ago, it gives me the greatest sense of awe and gratitude for the ocean and nature.  Every year in the Spring, my sister-in-law’s husband’s family travels to Bodega Bay and digs for clams.  Every year since my husband and I met the tradition has changed just a little bit.  My brother-in-law’s parents are the original Clam Diggers, starting this tradition over 40 years ago.  They are the great outdoors people that I absolutely love.  My heart is full of joy and peace when I’m out playing in the sand at the beach, running away from and then chasing the waves, and hiking through undiscovered trails along the coast.  Yesterday, we went to the beach, which my little three year old could have sworn we were going to not only forget, but completely miss the “beach fun”.  She’s such a doll, and so much like me.  I watched her playing with the sand and the ocean for over an hour, her sweet sandy blonde curls bouncing as she ran, crawled, and skipped around by the shore.  Her complete love for this world shown most brightly yesterday; I envied her freedom.  I hope she can remain her true self for as long as possible.


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