Know Your Self

Placeholder ImageIn studying the mind, body, and brain I’ve come to learn so much, that it can feel like I know very little at times.  Through each reading of research articles I learn a little more about how humans beings interact with the various facets of life, but there always is the last part of the Discussion section that anticipates ‘more research will be needed’.  Even with a very solid research study, the authors will highlight the ‘unknowns’ that either were always present or had come up through the course of the study.  When I meet with clients I sometimes find myself stating “well, what we know is …”, but then the follow up remains “but, everybody is their own person, with a unique set of circumstances and experiences that make up who they are”.  The ‘they’ I reference, in part, is the Self.  The idea of the part of us, that we identify as ME or I.

When looking at a picture we can identify our own body, “that’s me!” we think.  But, I wonder … Is it really us?  Are we the same person?  When looking at pictures from childhood we are seeing a snapshot of a moment from considerable growth, so the person in the picture isn’t really us.  It’s kind of like a piece of us, no mistake that our child self was a really important part of us, but just a piece none-the-less.  Just a building block, adding onto the next phase or stage or whatever you want to call it.  Fascinating, really.


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